Vienna Aquatic Club

Part of Vienna since 1962                                                                                                                                         625 Marshall Rd, SW, Vienna  703-938-4331

Info & FAQs


  1. What is the cost to join?

     Current share price (since 1985): $775 (a one-time payment)

    There are annual Member Dues, which must be paid by March 15.  The Dues amount is set annually and can be viewed on the Fees page.  Lease price and August Pass prices are below.

    Annual dues are set each year by the Board of Directors. If one buys or leases after the pool opens, the annual dues and lease fee are pro-rated.


  2. Is there a waiting list to join?

    Yes.  There is a waiting list to purchase a membership.

    See more info at the "Join" page.

  3. How many memberships are there?

    VAC has 450 memberships.  There is a waiting list to purchase a membership.

  4. I want to use the pool THIS summer, but I don't own a membership, what do I do?

    If you aren't a member, you have several options to use the VAC facilities this summer:

    - You can try to lease a share (via VAC) to use the pool all summer.  (This is a way to participate on the VAC Gator swim team.)

    - You can try to purchase an August Pass to use the pool during August (through closing at Labor Day)

    - You can be an invited guest of a member for periodic visits to the pool.  (However, this does not allow swim team participation.)

    See the "Join" page for more info.

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Summer Lease

  1. What is a Summer Lease?

    Allows a non-member household to use the facility for a summer season by paying the Summer Lease Fee.  (See the Fees page.)

    A share is only available to lease If a shareholder elects to forgo use of VAC for a summer season. The share can be leased to a non-member via VAC.

    See the "Join" page for more info.

  2. What does a Summer Lease provide?

    When one purchases a VAC Summer Lease, one is essentially "using" a member's "right to use" the pool for the summer.  

    That means that the purchasers family can use the pool "as-if" it held the membership.  And can therefore:

    • Participate in Swim Team
    • Invite guests
    • Use the pool whenever it is open

    Like all users of the facility, leaseholders are obligated to follow all rules, regulations, policies, etc.

    At the end of the season, the Summer Lease expires.  If the leaseholder wishes to lease again, the leaseholder must join the waitlist for the subsequent year. 

    The waitlist provides no preference to existing or previous leaseholders.  That is, it is "first-come, first-served".

  3. How do I put my name on the Summer Lease waiting list?

    The lease waiting list opens for "next season" the day after the pool closes for "this season".

    To join: send an email to [email protected] or send postal mail to the MAILING ADDRESS (a P.O. Box) on the Contact Us page (DO NOT SEND MAIL TO THE POOL). (Phone requests are not accepted.)


    Please note the following:

    • A new list starts over after the pool closes each seasonIf you leased previously, you must put your name on the list again to continue leasing
    • Early requests are not accepted.
    • Lease requests are filled in the order they are received.
    • There is no cost be be on the lease list
    • The number of leases issues fluctuates each year (depending on the number of members that wish to lease their shares).

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August Pass

  1. What is an August Pass?

    Allows a non-member household to use the facility during scheduled hours August and September of a summer season by paying the August Pass Fee (See the Fees page for details.)

    There are a limited number of August Passes available every year.

  2. What does an August Pass provide?

    When one purchases a VAC August Pass, it means that the purchaser's family can use the pool "as if" it were a member during the August/September period of the particular summer season.  And can therefore:


    • Invite guests
    • Use the pool whenever it is open
    Like all users of the facility, passholders are obligated to follow all rules, regulations, policies, etc.


    At the end of the season, the August Pass expires. If the passholder wishes to get an August Pass, the passholder must apply the subsequent year.




  3. How do I request an August Pass?

    See the "August Pass" page under the "Join" page.

    August Passes are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

    For pricing see the above FAQ:  "What is the cost to join?"

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  1. How big is the pool?

    The pool is an 8-lane, 25-meter configuration with 2 extensions: one with a dive well and 2 half-meter diving boards and the other with a shallow area and steps.

  2. Is there a baby pool?

    Yes, a baby pool is physically separated by a fence from the main pool and covered by a shade structure. Its depth ranges from 6 inches to 2 1/2 feet.

  3. What else is there to do besides swim?

    Amenities at the pool include: lounges and chairs, sun umbrellas, picnic tables, gas grills, a volleyball court, tetherball pole, ping pong table and a classic four-square court.

    The pool deck is surrounded by grass and densely treed on three sides (open to the South), providing a good mix of sun and shade.

  4. What refreshments are there?

    There are frozen treats (ice cream bars, popsicles, etc) available for purchase.  Visitors generally bring other snacks.

    For meals, pizza delivery (Papa Johns, Domino's, etc) is common.  

    There are also plenty of picnic tables and gas grills that are available.  Families frequently bring dinner and grill at the pool. 

  5. What is the pool house like?

    The pool house was extensively renovated in 2007.

    It is clean, neat, and well-maintained by the staff.  (It does not have lockers.)

    It has curtained showers and restrooms.  There is also a wheel-chair accessible family restroom.

  6. Are there tennis courts?

    Nope.  VAC doesn't have enough land for tennis courts.

  7. Is there a diving board?

    Yes, there are two "low" diving boards, located in the dive well.

    They are approximately 1 foot above the water.  (That is, they are not 1-meter boards.)

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About Us

  1. What is the VAC email address?

    There are several email addresses:


    Membership: [email protected]

    Payments: [email protected]

    Other:   [email protected]

    Swim Team:  [email protected]

  2. What is the phone number?


    (Answered only when the pool is open.)

  3. Where is the pool?

    625 Marshall Rd. SW

    Vienna, VA 22180

    (Just east of Marshall Road Elementary School)

  4. What is the mailing address?

    Vienna Aquatic Club

    P. O. Box 55

    Vienna , VA 22180-0055

  5. Is there a summer swim team?

    Yes, the VAC Gator swim team, known for its competitiveness and sportsmanship, competes in the Northern Virginia Swim League (NVSL), generally in the upper divisions.

  6. Is there a dive team?

    Nope... Just a swim team.

  7. How many memberships are there at VAC?

    VAC has 450 family memberships.

    Non-members also use the facility via summer membership lease options and a popular August Pass program.

  8. When was Vienna Aquatic Club founded?

    Vienna Aquatic Club was founded in 1962 as a membership-based private community swimming pool. It has operated continuously since then with a vibrant, active, and dynamic group of members.

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