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Phase 3 Operations

Posted by rickkwilhelm on July 1, 2020 at 6:15 PM

On July 1, Phase 3 Operations Begin:

With the move to Phase 3 of the "Forward Virginia" reopening plan, the VAC Board has made important operational changes for VAC under revised State and County guidelines.


  • 10-foot Social Distancing Change: Does not apply within individual lanes/swim areas. It does apply between/across lanes/swim areas. Everyone in a lane/swim area MUST be from same household.
  • Household Use Change: Up to five (5) members of the same household may use a lane/swim area simultaneously.
  • More Activities: Recreational swim, walking, floating, swim instruction, and lap swim are all allowed. Dive toys are allowed, but may not be thrown. No balls or other throwing toys are allowed.
  • Diving Board Open: The diving boards will be open for use by household members of the shareholder/lessee that has reserved the Dive Well. For clarity: no other swimmers may use the diving board, only those that have the Dive Well reservation..
  • Baby Pool Open: The baby pool will be open for reserved use. It will be divided into three sections: two that are reservable and one "gap" section for social distancing.


Additionally, in order to improve and better distribute access to the pool, the VAC Board has made adjustments to the reservation guidelines.


The dive well, shallow lanes, and baby pool swim areas may not be reserved for consecutive 30-minute periods.


An important concern of the Board and members has been evenly distributing usage of the pool as there is clearly high demand. Members may sign up for a total of 10 half-hour slots per share each seven-day period. This limit of 10 total is in effect regardless of the type of swim area used (lane, shallow lanes, dive well, or baby pool section). Only full-length lanes (lanes 1 through 8  ) may be reserved back-to-back (i.e., using two slots to use one lane for an hour), but that counts as having used two slots under a member's seven-day limit.


Given that each lane now allows up to five family members, most families can use one lane or swim area of the pool. Please only take what you need and help everyone enjoy the pool


While these changes have been made, other aspects of operations remain the same:


  • Wear a mask while in the pool house or near other persons
  • Show up for your reservation
  • Be on time


Lastly, while social distancing is relaxed within your lane, it still applies elsewhere. Please set a good example with social distancing on deck and in the water (between lanes). And, help your kids do the same. The life guards are primarily there to keep you and your family safe in the water. Please manage your own social distancing.


Thank you for your patience as we incorporate constantly-evolving guidance from state and local health officials into decisions about VAC operations. VAC will continue to adapt, test, and update our operations to open the pool to as many members as safely and equitably as we can, as soon as is practical.

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