Vienna Aquatic Club

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Electronic Meetings & Electronic Voting

Adopted October 14, 2020


In the Summer of 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, VAC operated under restricted operations to help maintain a safe environment for Members to use the pool.  In a similar way, the VAC Board has conducted meetings in a virtual environment (“Virtual Meeting Environment”) with video conferencing capabilities and phone calls to minimize risk of exposure during the pandemic. To maintain the Membership's ability to consider and make decisions safely during the COVID-19 pandemic and in any similar situation going forward, the Board has developed this Electronic Meetings & Electronic Voting policy.


1. Until public health conditions allow for in person meetings, the Board shall conduct General Membership Meetings and Special Meetings of the Membership ("Meetings") in a Virtual Meeting Environment.  

2. The Virtual Meeting Environment shall include a phone number or a URL for joining the Meetings when possible to offer a screen share to facilitate discussion around topics of interest. If phone or electronic access is not available, the Board will make best efforts to accommodate members wishing to participate.

3. The Board shall maintain sufficient meeting minutes as the permanent record of any Meeting conducted via a Virtual Meeting Environment.

4.  When appropriate, voting may be conducted electronically provided that there is a means to tally votes, such as a virtual polling system. Attendance via the Virtual Meeting Environment, including attendance by telephone, shall count towards quorum requirements. 

5. There are no further changes to the requirements for notice, quorum, or voting.