Vienna Aquatic Club

Part of Vienna since 1962                                                                                                                                         625 Marshall Rd, SW, Vienna  703-938-4331


Fees for the 2022 swim season have been set by the VAC Board of Directors as follows:

  • Membership dues:  $500
  • Lease fee (for members whose share is leased for the season): $50
  • Summer lease fee:  $725
  • August pass fee:  $275
  • Fees for Guests are defined on the "Guest Passes" page.

When to Pay:

Annual Membership Dues must be paid by March 15, of the current year.  Members whose payment is not received by March 15, of the year will be assessed a $75 late fee.  Failure to submit payment by the due date causes the share to be sold without shareholder consent.  See "Special Considerations" below.

How to Pay:

Dues payments (for Members) can be made via mail (check) or electronically via the online membership system.  Payments for Summer Leases and August Passes are also made via the online membership system.  Access is via a link off the main page using supplied login credentials.

Mail check payments to:

Vienna Aquatic Club
PO Box 55
Vienna, VA  22183-0055

Special Considerations:

Important notes for members who intend to sell or lease for the summer season:

  • VAC By-Laws require that a member pays the annual membership dues even if member is attempting to sell or lease the share. 
  • A member who wishes to sell or lease a share must still pay the dues on time to avoid the late fee.  
  • Electing to lease one's share does not guarantee that the share will be leased;
  • The member will receive a refund of dues based on the date the share is sold or leased.  
  • A member is required to pay the annual dues even if they do not plan to use the pool.