Vienna Aquatic Club

Part of Vienna since 1962                                                                                                                                         625 Marshall Rd, SW, Vienna  703-938-4331

Pay Dues

Member dues for 2018 are $435.  Paying via Paypal incurs a $10 convenience fee, for a total payment of $445.  (Payments made after March 15, 2018 also include a $75 late fee, for a total of $520.)

If you are leasing your share for 2018, you must contact membership prior to March 15, 2018, to avoid the late fee of $75. If you are confirmed to lease your share prior to 3/15/18, then you will not need to pay the annual dues.

Do not pay dues if you are not a member.  Paying dues does not make you a member and does NOT give access to the pool.  Note that refunds for "uninvited payments" may take some time and are subject to deductions of Paypal processing fees.

To credit your account, you MUST provide your Share Number before clicking the Buy Now button.  The Share Number appears in the dues notice you received in the mail from VAC.   (Your Share Number typically does not change from year-to-year.)

Clicking the button will take you to Paypal, where you can submit credit card information, or if you have a Paypal account, you can also log into Paypal to complete payment.

Share Number:

If you are paying for a Summer Lease,  an August Pass, or a Share, do NOT use this page.  A payment link will be provided via email.

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