Vienna Aquatic Club

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Rules & Regulations -- Pool Operations

The following rules and regulations are set up for the health, welfare, and safety of all members. They have been established to assure the safe and sanitary operation and use of the pool facilities and the adjacent area and to provide enjoyable recreation for the members of the club. Failure to comply with any of these rules may be considered sufficient cause for immediate suspension or cancellation of any or all rights and privileges of membership of the offending member. These rules are in compliance with the swimming pool ordinance and regulations of Fairfax County and the Town of Vienna.


a. Under the provisions of the bylaws, of the Vienna Aquatic Club (VAC) Inc., the Operations and Rules Committee (O&RC), appointed by the Board of Directors, is responsible for developing and enforcing operational procedures, rules, and regulations.

b. The attendant at the entrance is delegated the responsibility for enforcement of the established rules and regulations for admittance.

c. The manager, including the assistant or temporary manager, is delegated the responsibility for the operation, order and cleanliness of the total pool area. He/she is responsible for supervising the operating stag and for the proper enforcement of the established rules and regulations.


Parents are requested to instruct their children to observe all rules and obey the instructions of the pool manager and other pool employees. Children and adults will show the pool manager and other pool employees proper respect and cooperation at all times. The staff shall take such action as deemed necessary for the safe and orderly operation of the pool facilities. Penalties such as benching or restricting entrance to the pool for various periods of time may be imposed. The manager shall have the authority to suspend pool privileges for a period not to exceed one day. For good and sufficient cause, the manager may recommend to the O&RC suspensions for periods longer than one day. Members having grievances and complaints should refer them to the Chairman of the O&RC. The name and telephone number of the O&RC Chairman can be obtained at the office of pool manager.


All persons using the pool are required to properly identify themselves (member, member’s family and guests of members). The attendant at the entrance is responsible for determining the eligibility of all persons admitted to the pool. Individual pictures are kept on file at the desk for identification. Pictures should be updated every year. It is the responsibility of each member to assure that pictures are current.


The payment of annual dues and all other assessments must be made by the date designated by the VAC Board of Directors. A member who has not paid their dues or assessments shall be denied the use of the pool facilities. All guest fees must be paid before a guest may use the pool facilities.


The pool will generally be open at 11:00 a.m. and will be closed at 8:45 p.m. Parking lots will be cleared and closed by 9:00 p.m. daily. Sections of the pool may be reserved Monday through Friday for group or individual swimming lessons, swim team practices, and/or special activities for such hours as the O&RC may approve. To the extent practical, notices will be posted for such reservations in advance. In the event of inclement weather, the above hours may be altered at the discretion of the pool manager. The pool may be closed when necessary for maintenance operations or inclement weather upon recommendation of the pool manager.


a. Guest Classifications:

1. House Guest and House Guest Family:
Any person or persons permanently residing outside the Metropolitan Area of Washington who is temporarily visiting in the home of a member may be declared a House Guest. Members will be required to certify the residence of the visitor. Violators of this privilege may have their rights and privileges of membership suspended or canceled.

2. Seasonal Guests:
Any person residing in a member’s household for fifteen (15) or more days during the swimming season may be declared a seasonal guest. Members will be required to certify the seasonal guest status of the visitor. Violators of this privilege may have their rights and privileges of membership suspended or canceled.

3. Casual Guests:
All other guests are casual guests.

4. Swimming Baby Sitter:
A person who is sitting member’s children only and who will be using the pool can be declared a Swimming Baby Sitter.

5. Non-Swimming Baby Sitter:
A person sitting member’s children only and who will not be using the pool. A non-swimming babysitter must be dressed in street clothes and not swimming attire.

6. Au pairs and full-time nannies who reside in the member’s home are considered part of the family and require no additional fee.

b. Guest Rules:

1. A guest privilege shall consist of admission to and use of the pool facilities by any person who is not a member. Guest privileges shall not be extended to any individual who, in the opinion of the Membership Committee, does not meet the qualifications for membership in VAC.

2. Casual guests must be registered and accompanied at the pool by an adult member. Casual guests may be denied admittance at the discretion of the pool manager.

3. All guests are subject to the same provisions and rules that apply to members.

4. All guests eleven (11) years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult until proficiency in swimming has been demonstrated to the manager or his assistant.

5. The manager has the authority to restrict guest privileges whenever deemed necessary for the safe and orderly operation of the pool.


a. House Guests, House Guest Families, Casual Guests, and Swimming Babysitters will be charged at a rate established annually by the Board of Directors.

b. Non-swimming babysitters may, at the discretion of the manager and/or the O&RC, be admitted to the pool area without charge.


a. Swimmers and bathers are encouraged to shower before entering the pool.

b. In consideration of one’s own health, and the health of others using the pool facilities, use of the swimming or wading pools during and immediately following an illness is prohibited. In particular individuals having infections of the skin, eyes, respiratory or gastrointestinal systems, wearing bandages, having coughs or colds, nasal or ear discharge, or inflamed eyes will be excluded from the pool.

c. Swimmers will enter the pool deck through entrances provided and will rinse off clinging grass, etc., at the shower pads at the ends of the deck.

d. Spitting, spouting of water, or blowing the nose in the pool is strictly prohibited.

e. All injuries occurring on the premises must be reported immediately to the management.

f. Enforcement of health rules will be the responsibility of the pool manager.

g. Only regulation swimming apparel may be worn into the main or wading pools.

h. In accordance with Fairfax County Ordinances:

1. No person in street clothes shall be allowed on the deck of the swimming pool except the operating personnel, health officer or personnel engaged in repair work. Exceptions may be made for swimming meets and other special occasions. No street-worn footwear (shoes, etc.) will be allowed on the deck area.

2. Food and drink preparation, serving or consumption facilities shall not be permitted on the deck or closer than twenty feet to the rim of the pool.

i. No smoking anywhere on pool grounds.


a. No running, pushing, acrobatics, wrestling, ball playing, raucousness or causing undue disturbance in or about the pool will be allowed.

b. No glass containers of any kind will be allowed in the pool area

c. Only one person will be allowed on the diving board at a time.

d. No diving unless the diving area is clear. No diving from sides of diving boards will be allowed.

e. No metal or other toys considered dangerous by the management will be allowed in the wading pool or large pool area at any time.

f. Trespassing or swimming during off hours or in the absence of a lifeguard is strictly prohibited. Violations of this rule will result in the automatic suspension of all rights and privileges of membership and could result in the cancellation of one’s membership.

g. All bathers will clear the pool immediately upon hearing the lifeguard’s order or his/her call to clear the pool.

h. All members and guests, including children, shall use the pool and other club facilities at their own risk. Children eleven (11) years of age and younger are not permitted in the pool area unless accompanied by an adult, except children who have reached their 8th birthday who may be permitted in the pool area unaccompanied if they have passed the basic test and have submitted written permission from their parents to the pool manager. The basic test consists of:
1. Swimming one length of the pool without stopping and demonstrating a strong swimming stroke.
2. Treading water for one minute.

i. Children in diapers must wear tight fitting rubber pants or swim diapers to be permitted in either the wading pool or the main pool. Children with pampers or cloth diapers will not be permitted in the wading pool or the main pool.

j. Adults are requested to limit the number of children, for whom they have accepted responsibility while at the pool, to a reasonable and controllable number.

k. No eye glasses with glass lenses will be allowed in the pool.

I. No wheeled vehicles or devices of any type, except for wheelchairs, will be allowed on the concrete apron surrounding the main or wading pools at any time.

m. No unusual or dangerous entries may be made into the pool from the pool decks.

n. While guards are involved in the performance of their duties, no person will attempt to speak to them unless there is an emergency.

o. Chairs and sunbathing are prohibited on the concrete apron surrounding the pool areas.


a. Swimming lessons may be provided by the management for a fee.

b. Rules, regulations, and rates on swimming lessons will be posted separately


a. Members and guests will drive slowly and carefully on the driveways and parking areas of the pool grounds. The maximum Speed Limit is 10 miles per hour. Pedestrians always have the right of way on the parking lots and approaches.

b. Drivers must use the proper entrance and exit gates.

c. Members and guests, while using pool facilities, will park their cars in the parking lot provided for that purpose, and not on adjacent streets. PARKING ON ADJACENT STREETS WHILE USING THE POOL IS PROHIBITED. THIS IS A USE PERMIT RESTRICTION. Substantiated complaints of violation of this rule will be cause for suspension from use of the pool facilities.

d. Extreme care and due regard for others will be exercised in parking cars.

e. The blowing of horns, except as necessary to avoid an accident, is prohibited. Children will not be summoned by blowing horns.

f. The signals of authorized persons directing traffic will be complied with upon entering or leaving the parking area

g. The blocking of entrances, driveways, fire hydrants, or places marked “NO PARKING” is prohibited. In addition to other possible penalties, violators of this rule may have their cars towed away by the Town of Vienna at the expense of the violator.

h. All bicycle riders will use the area provided for parking bicycles.

i. Pets will not be left in cars in the parking lots.

j. Members and guests are requested to leave the pool and parking area promptly at closing time so that the pool attendants may secure the area by 9:00 p.m.


a. No pets will be allowed on pool premises.

b. Use of the wading pool is limited to children six (6) years of age and under and their guardians. All children using the wading pool must be under the direct supervision of an adult or baby sitter.

c. All children fourteen (14) years old and under must be accompanied by a parent member or an adult member of their family after 6:00 p.m.

d. It is unlawful to willfully destroy, damage, or remove property including signs, regulations, decorations, or equipment, or any tree or plant life on the pool grounds.

e. Members and guests will not trespass on private property adjacent to the swimming pool grounds and will be considerate of pool area neighbors in every way.

f. The presence of intoxicated persons anywhere on the premises of the VAC is prohibited. Bringing alcoholic beverages, in any form, to the pool facilities is strictly prohibited and is cause for suspension of pool privileges.

g. Food and refreshments may be consumed only in prescribed area; NOT on the pool deck.

h. Lifeguards will clear the pool of children fourteen (14) years old or under at least once every hour for a period of fifteen (15) minutes.

i. Abusive or foul language shall not be used; talking back or arguing with guards on duty is prohibited.

j. Lost articles may be examined every morning by applying to the staff member on duty. They will be disposed of after two weeks if not claimed.

k. All clothing, towels, etc., brought to the pool area should be marked so they can be readily identified.

I. Appropriate containers must be used for all debris.

m. The VAC is not responsible for loss or damage to personal belongings, bicycles, or automobiles on the pool grounds. n. The VAC telephone is to be used for official business and emergencies only.

o. The pool management will not furnish lifeguard service at the wading pool. Parents, or those delegated by the parents to be in charge of their children, will be responsible for children they bring into the pool area.

p. The cost of any property damage will be charged to the responsible member.

q. Continuous or serious infractions of these rules and regulations may result in suspension from the use of the pool facilities for a member family or the cancellation (involuntary sale) of a member’s privileges.

r. These rules may be altered or additional rules added in the interest of efficient and safe pool operation.

s. Only authorized staff are allowed in the pump room, chemical storage areas, guard room, manager’s office, storage room, storage sheds, or the swim team shed.

Retyped & Edited April 29, 1996; May 19, 2005 Revised May 19, 2008