Vienna Aquatic Club

Part of Vienna since 1962                                                                                                                                         625 Marshall Rd, SW, Vienna  703-938-4331

Town of Vienna Restrictions

The following restrictions are imposed upon the Vienna Aquatic Club by the Town of Vienna:

1. Vienna Aquatic Club must secure permission from the Town Manager, Town of Vienna, before filling or emptying the pool.

2. A 6-foot high chain link fence must be installed as shown on the site plan except that an 8-foot high solid wooden fence must be put on the east and west sides as shown on the site plan, to at least the length of the pool and the bathhouse to deaden the noise.

3. Construction will not commence prior to obtaining 186 paid memberships. (Changed from 400 to 186 1/23/61.)

4. Sufficient evergreen shrubbery to a minimum of 5-foot in height across the front will be required to effectively hide the parking space, said shrubbery to be placed between the parking lot and the road; and further, that an evergreen screen be placed along the side lot lines.

5. A sewer line must be run along the creek at the rear of the property Lots 3,2, and 1 and necessary easements secured thereon.

6. Vienna Aquatic Club must dedicate to the Town a 25 foot strip for a public road on the west side running from Marshall Road to one-half the distance to the rear of the lot to the Dixon Tract (approximately 400 feet), in order to allow orderly development of adjacent areas and prevent financial loss to adjoining property owners.

7. That the charter and/or bylaws of Vienna Aquatic Club, their heirs or assigns be amended to restrict the membership of said corporation to not more than four hundred and fifty (450) families. (Amended from 750 to 450 on 5/18/61.)

8. That the bylaws or other governing regulations of the said corporation be amended or enacted to require all members and their guests to park on the proposed parking spaces, and specifically to prohibit parking by such members and guests on any public street while visiting the pool.

??9. That plans for both sanitary and storm sewer facilities be approved in writing by the Town of Vienna.

10. That all activities in or about the said corporation’s property cease by no later than 9:00 p.m. each evening, provided, however, that the 9:00 p.m. hour may be extended to 11:00 p.m. on no more than fifteen nights per calendar year, and further provided that said nights will be limited to Fridays, Saturdays, or holiday eves.

11. That a written agreement be executed by the said corporation, after acquiring the proposed site, giving to the Town of Vienna full and complete authority for its police officers or other Town authorities to enter upon any part of the said site, and any buildings thereon, for the purpose of enforcing all applicable Town ordinances and the conditions set forth governing the issuance of the Use Permit.

12. That Vienna Aquatic Club retain municipal policeman or traffic directors approved by Chief of Police of Vienna on July 4th and Labor Day, or any other special occasion at which an unusually large attendance may be expected, for the purpose of handling traffic at the pool site entrances and enforcing the on site parking requirements, herein.

13. Amended on 5/20/64 to permit Vienna Aquatic Club to be allowed to prepare food, for sale to Club members and guests. NOTE: It should be clearly understood that a Certificate of Occupancy required before actual operation of the pool cannot be issued until all conditions set forth in the Use Permit have been met.

Revised May 19 2008