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Shallow Area Instruction

Posted by rickkwilhelm on June 21, 2020 at 7:55 PM

Under Phase 2 guidelines, there are various changes that have been made to pool operations.  One of these involves the shallow area of the main pool.

The shallow area of the main pool is available for use by children and one adult household member for active swim instruction only. Two lanes will be available per time slot and only one child and one household adult may occupy a single lane at a time. No recreational swim, playing, use of toys, or jumping into the water may occur in this area until further notice.

There is a separate reservations link for these areas on the main page.

Please remember that the 10-foot social distancing requirement remains in effect and applies even within households while in the pool. This means parents cannot hold children during instruction and can only make physical contact with them in an emergency.

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