Vienna Aquatic Club

Part of Vienna since 1962                                                                                                                                         625 Marshall Rd, SW, Vienna  703-938-4331

Join VAC:  Membership, Lease, or Passes

There are four ways to gain access to VAC (see below for more information on each):
  1. Full membership:  Provides the shareholder with the right to use the pool every summer season, provided dues are paid by the required deadline.  There is a waiting list for the limited number of membership shares in existence. 
  2. Summer Lease:  Allows a non-member household to use the facility for a summer season.  A share is available to lease only If a shareholder elects to forgo use of VAC for a summer season.  The share can then be leased to a non-member via VAC.  
  3. August Pass:  A limited number of August Passes are sold annually.  This allows a non-member household to use VAC from August 1 to closing day (typically Labor Day), inclusive, of that year. 
  4. Guest Pass:  Guests are classified into three categories:  Seasonal, House, and Casual.  While using VAC facilities, all Guests are subject to the same provisions and rules that apply to members. 

Questions about these topics can be answered first by the FAQs and then via email at:

Or by mail to:
     PO Box 55
     Vienna, VA  22183-0055

Waiting Lists

VAC has two separate waiting lists:  one for PURCHASES and one for LEASES

PURCHASES:  The waiting list to purchase a membership is always open.  The current wait is about 36-48 months.  To get on the list:  please send a letter with your name, address, phone number, and email address to the address above.  Include a check for $25, made out to "Vienna Aquatic Club", which is a deposit on an eventual share purchase.  If you are offered a membership and you decline, your name will be removed from the Purchase Waiting List, the $25 fee is not refunded, and you are free to re-apply in the future.  EMAIL AND VOICEMAIL REQUESTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED FOR THIS LIST.

LEASES:  The waiting list for leases is rebuilt annually and is structured to provide preference for current lease-holders.  For current lease-holders, the waiting list for summer leases (for "next year") opens at midnight on the day after the pool closes in the "current" year.  (For example, the 2016 summer lease waiting list opened the day after the pool closed in 2015.)  For everyone else, including August Pass Holders, the waiting list opens at midnight 7 days later.  Requests are only accepted via email to

important:  Requests received before the relevant window is open will be ignored; you will NOT receive an acknowledgement that your early request is being ignored.  (This is very important for non-lease holders submitting emails during the current-lease-holder window; you may think you are on the list, but you are not.)   

The number of leases varies from year to year.  Therefore, all current leaseholders are not guaranteed to receive an opportunity to lease next year.

Please watch the website for specifics and note that the lease list usually closes in mid-October due to the limited number of memberships available for lease.

Additional information is available here